A Pediatrician’s Blueprint: Raising Happy, Healthy, Moral and Successful Children

Donald Ian Macdonald M.D., FAAP

NACoA Chairman Emeritus and experienced pediatrician Donald Ian Macdonald, M.D., authored A Pediatrician’s Bluepring with the help of experts in various fields and using information gained from many sources that are cited. Rather than approaching the parenting issues that are addressed in the other parenting books as single subjects – nutrition, education, sex, drugs and drinking, violence, etc – Dr. Macdonald sees them all as part of the whole of parenting that involves knowing about your child; knowing how to be a 21st Century co-parent; knowing how to help your child to eventually separate from you and as a healthy goal oriented adult; and knowing how best to deal with the problems of inappropriate peer pressure, media messages, and time allocation.

Dr. Macdonald has covered all the key strategies for raising children to become productive, happy and contributing members of the family and of society. In alcoholic and other chaotic and shame-based family system, the task is far more difficult but, first of all, the caring parent (or grandparent) needs to know what is needed and work to see that it is provided. This book is a guide to help parent children from birth to adulthood to become the best they can be, and attain make their contribution to the world around them.

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