Join the national – and international – awareness campaign to break the painful silence and offer hope to the vulnerable kids and teens impacted by parental addiction.  With addiction now a national health epidemic, and communities across the country struggling with ever-increasing drug overdoses, the impact on children today is staggering. Child welfare programs continue to swell because of addiction, and kinship programs are sprouting up across the country as grandparents and other family members step in to help these children in need.  While some of these children find a supportive adult who helps protect them from the worst, others may be alone and unaware that healing is possible.  As rates monitoring addiction continue to rise, we cannot afford to forget the countless children – those who are often the first hurt by this devastating disease The time is more important now than ever to bring these children hope, support, and ultimately healing. Be the caring and supportive adult to make a difference … by empowering children to heal.

Why COA Awareness Week?

Learn the key benefits of this important campaign. COA Awareness Week is a gift that keeps on giving when we help to break the silence and help boys and girls at risk become children of promise.

Tools for COA Awareness Week Activities

COA Awareness Week celebrates the recovery of the many thousands of children and teenagers who have received the help they needed to recover from the pain and losses suffered in their childhood. It offers hope to those still suffering from the adverse impact of parental alcohol and drug addiction through educational programs, proclamations by mayors and governors, poster contests in schools, and radio, television and print media. Advocacy tools and suggested activities can be found below.

Important Information to Share with Kids and Teens