Justice Kathleen A Blatz Receives NACoA’s Ackerman/Black Award
NACoA President and CEO Sis Wenger presented the annual award to the former Supreme Court Chief Justice at the opening plenary session on Monday, October 10th during the annual conference of NAADAC – The Association of Addiction Professionals, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.  The Ackerman/Black Award was established to honor two leading early pioneers – Robert Ackerman and Claudia Black – in the fields of addiction and family impact.


In her time as Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Justice Blatz spearheaded the Children’s Justice Initiative to reform the child protection system by improving the handling of child protection cases through a statewide, collaborative effort with the Minnesota Department of Human Services and to move maltreated children into permanent homes faster. It was her vision to become a “model state,” so every Minnesota child, regardless of location, has the best possible chance for a safe and permanent home, at the earliest possible time.  After retiring from the Court, Justice Blatz has continued to follow her passion and continues her advocacy work to improve the life trajectory of those countless children who still struggle with overwhelming adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that can erode their hope and potential.  Read the Release


Red Ribbon Campaign 2016: October 23-31
The Red Ribbon Campaign is the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the Nation, and a way for people and communities to take a visible stand against drugs. This year’s theme was created by two 6th graders in Claysburg, PA: , “Yolo. Be Drug Free.™” (You Only Live Once)


NACoA CEO/President Sis Wenger has been invited to deliver the keynote presentation at the Department of Defense Red Ribbon Awards Ceremony at the Pentagon Hall of Heroes. Consider celebrating this week by encouraging local schools to start planning activities now. Learn more about how to get involved!


Recordings Available for NACoA’s 2016 Webinar Series for Faith Communities

If you missed the prior webinars in the series, you can obtain a copy of the recording.  Contact NACoA to make a request:

1) Screening, Intervening and Referring for Alcohol Problems: Tools and Strategies for Faith Communities
Presenters: Faye Calhoun DPA, MPA and Margaret Murray PhD, MSW

2) Opiate Epidemic: What Faith Leaders Need to Know
Presenter: William Jacobs, MD

3) Family Recovery: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery!  Presenter: Tian Dayton PhD AND Programs and Tools for Celebrating Recovery  Presenter: Marie Gallo Dyak

4)Facing the National Opioid Crisis Together: Reaching In To Prepare, Reaching Out with Strong Hope
Presenters: Rev. Fred L. Smoot, PhD and Dr. Kevin Alexander, DBH


Celebrating Families!TM Presented in Stockholm

Co-creater and developer Rosemary Tisch was in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday presenting at the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions convention: FOCUS ON WOMEN IN ADDICTION IN THE 2020’S. CF! was included as part of the prevention program.


Turn the Tide: Murthy Makes Plea to Local Health Care Practioners and Public Health Leaders about Opioids
The U.S. Surgeon General is contacting more than 2.3 million health care practitioners and public health leaders seeking help to address the prescription opioid crisis. Learn more about this important effort. Visit his new site to read the letter sent out and the infocard created for practioners to better understand the new guidelines.


A great companion effort with improved prescription guidelines is healthy guidance for families about how to safeguard prescriptions and how to dispose of them after they are no longer needed. The higher vulnerability to addiction for some families increases the need to consider strong measures in the name of prevention and modeling good health practices.



Adult Daughters of Alcoholics Survey
Robert J. Ackerman, PhD, a NACoA founder, author of Perfect Daughters (as well as the first book on children of alcoholics published in the United States), researcher and director of the Mid-Atlantic Addiction Training Institute is doing a survey on adult daughters of alcoholic parents as part of his current research. The nine question survey focuses on forgiveness and process addictions (gambling/internet/sex/exercise addictions, eating disorders). If you are the daughter of an alcoholic parent, Dr. Ackerman would appreciate your time completing the survey. ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE TREATED AS ANONYMOUS. Thank you for helping to contribute to the literature on adults who grew up in an alcoholic family.
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