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Together we can raise awareness around the impact of addiction on the family, and help children in these families know “They are NOT alone!” Help is available for them. Over the years, many public figures, star athletes, and every day heroes in local communities have helped put a face on the disease of addiction. Almost daily, stories are featured in the media related to alcoholism and substance abuse; providing graphic details about the people, the circumstances and adverse affects. Overlooked and discounted in these stories are the children, still trapped in the silence of their parent’s addiction. Until alcoholism and drug addiction are conquered, the children need our help—and yours! Together we can break the silence, and provide a powerful voice for them until they feel safe enough to find their own. By joining the conversation on social media; creating opportunities for increased dialogue through events in your home or community; or by simply signing up to volunteer with NACoA—you will directly help us bring these children out from the shadows, and closer to the support and resources they need to grow into healthy adults. This page is intended to introduce you to ways you can do just that. Welcome!

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On Social Media, and among others in your community who may have similar questions or concerns. Follow major events and updates on our Facebook page, participate in our dynamic Twitter chats around key COA themes and topic issues, find inspiration and hope through our Pinterest posts, and share your voice on behalf of the children still stuck in silence.

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In an effort to raise awareness and strengthen program funding, we encourage our supporters to host an event in their homes or somewhere in their community—it can be something as simple as inviting a small group for lunch, or starting a discussion group to talk about the ways to bring resources to the children. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting an event benefiting NACoA, and we will provide you with the necessary guidance and information brochures.

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Most of NACOA’s best work came to fruition because of volunteers. Psychologists, social workers, clergy, physicians, educators and many others have contributed substantially to every major program and product developed by NACOA over the years.

SIGN UP today to VOLUNTEER—We would love to match your interests and skills with special projects we need help with!