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Our Team

NACoA envisions a world in which no child who struggles because of family addiction will be left unsupported.

Our Board

Our boards are composed of dedicated and accomplished leaders who guide the development and deployment of NACoA policies, programs, and outreach. They give generously of their time and expertise to help ensure that every child affected by alcohol and drug addiction have a voice, and hope for a brighter future.

Honorary Board

Donald Ian MacDonald, M.D.

Chairman Emeritus

Julie Fisher Cummings

Patrick J. Kennedy

William T. O’Donnell, Jr.

Carol B. Sisco, Ph.D.

Gary M. Weiss, M.D.

Our Staff

Our staff brings their years of policy, service, and program experiences, along with their dedication and passion to guide their work to provide hope and healing to children and families impacted by addiction.

Our Staff Members

Sis Wenger

President & CEO

Mary Beth Collins

Director of Programs

stephanie abbott

Stephanie Abbott, M.A.

Publications Editor

Catherine L. Herzog

Program Consultant

Gail Jordan

Office Administrator

Derek Thompson

Accounts Manager

Daniela Rivera

Administrative Assistant

Our Advisors

Board of Advisers

  • Stephanie Abbott, M.A.
  • Robert J. Ackerman, PH.D.
  • Claudia Black, PH.D., MSW
  • George R. Bloom, M.A. (RET.)
  • Frances L. Brisbane, PH.D.
  • Cathleen Brooks
  • Stephanie Brown, PH.D.
  • Timmen L. Cermak, M.D.
  • Don L. Coyhis
  • Ruth B. Davis, PH.D.
  • Tian Dayton, PH.D.
  • Philip Diaz, MSW
  • Catherine L. Herzog, PH.D., MSW
  • Tarpley M. Long, LCSW, P.C.
  • Mary Carol Melton
  • Jerry Moe, M.A.
  • Ellen Morehouse, ACSW, NCACII
  • William Cope Moyers
  • Patricia O’Gorman, PH.D.
  • Iris E. Smith, PH.D., M.P.H.

Board of Scientific Advisers

  • Jeannette L. Johnson, PH.D.
  • Robert Anda, MD, MS
  • Linda Bennett, PH.D.
  • Faye J. Calhoun, D.P.A., M.P.A.
  • James G. Emshoff, PH.D.
  • Frank D. Fincham, PH.D.
  • Karol L. Kumpfer, PH.D.
  • Brenda A. Miller, PH.D.
  • Marc A. Schuckit, M.D.
  • Kenneth Sher, PH.D.
  • Michael Windle, PH.D.
  • Robert A. Zucker, PH.D.

Our Founders

Thirty-five years after our launch, many NACoA founders are still individually involved in a variety of work that impacts children growing up in families with addiction. Many are also addressing the needs of adults who are still feeling the painful impact of their adverse childhood experiences growing up with addiction in their families. Our founders have never lost the passion that moved them to create NACoA.