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Informed Families – The Florida Family Partnership

Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 with the mission of helping kids grow up safe, healthy and drug-free. Informed Families focuses on educating, involving and empowering parents to work together to set boundaries and monitor their children’s behavior to prevent underage drinking, substance abuse and other harmful behaviors. Affiliated with the National Family Partnership, Informed Families is best known for being the Florida Sponsor of the National Red Ribbon Campaign. Informed Families also boasts multiple school and community based prevention programs targeting youth, parents and communities. Informed Families focuses on four universal campaigns: The Red Ribbon Campaign, Safe Homes/Smart Parties, Family Day and Lock Your Meds. Informed Families also created The Parent Pilot Kit: A Guide for Parents of Pre-Teens & Teens, to help navigate parents through their children’s teenage years.
Miami, FL