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Lines for Life

Lines for Life is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent substance abuse and suicide. For almost 25 years, Lines for Life has been promoting healthy communities through 24-hour crisis lines, prevention programs, and public policy and advocacy. Lines for Life is the Oregon-affiliate of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) and operates several other crisis lines, including: an alcohol and drug abuse counseling and referral line (Alcohol & Drug Helpline 800-923-4357), a peer-to-peer crisis and helpline for teens (Oregon YouthLine 877-968-8491), and a crisis line for military service members, Veterans and their families (Military Helpline 888-457-4383). Lines for Life also offers resources to the community on alcohol and other substance abuse, post- traumatic stress, suicide prevention, military suicide, prescription drug abuse, and youth education on substance abuse and bullying.
Portland, OR