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Camp Mariposa Program®

The Camp Mariposa® Program, part of the Eluna Network, is a national addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth who have been impacted by the substance use disorder of a family member. Camp Mariposa was designed in consultation with Claudia Black, an internationally recognized pioneer in the area of addiction and its impact on children. Camp Mariposa is offered free of charge to all families. Children ages 9-12 attend transformational weekend camps multiple times over the course of a year. Campers participate in fun traditional camp activities combined with education and support exercises. Additional educational and social activities are offered for campers, teens, and their families throughout the year. These activities build knowledge, coping skills, confidence and offer additional opportunities to connect with one another. Led by mental health professionals and trained adult mentors Camp Mariposa provides a safe, fun and supportive environment critical to help break the cycle of addiction.

Camp Mariposa currently offers free camp sessions year-round, at 13 locations around the country including CA; Washington, DC; FL; IN; KY; LA; NH; PA; WA and WV.