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Neighborhood Center, Inc.

The Neighborhood Center, Inc provides a full range of outreach, preventive, developmental and therapeutic human services for nearly 20,000 people in the local and surrounding communities – a majority are children and their families. Its human service roots date back to 1905 when it began as a settlement house assisting immigrants file citizenship papers. By 1936 the Center provided kindergarten (the first in Utica, NY) and homemaking classes and had a staff of five. In 1945 they adopted their present name, The Neighborhood Center, to reflect their changing community role and were the main provider of child care and other needed services, helping families become stronger and the community flourish. Through its sustained pattern of activities that benefit children, families and the community, today the Neighborhood Center, Inc. continues to advance in its enduring mission of truly “human” service by providing child care and family services, behavioral health care services, and a 24-hour no cost Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT).

Utica, NY