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Growing up today can be a challenge. May these quotes help you to grow and develop new skills. May they lead you to increased hope and happiness.

Cathy Brown, Betty LaPorte, Jerry Moe

Facts for You

Please don’t forget these four facts. They come in handy when you least suspect it.

Beamer Series

Hi kids! Have you met Beamer? Beamer is growing up in a family impacted with addiction. You can tell what he’s feeling on the inside by the color of his head (yellow = happy, white = fear, red = anger, blue = sadness, blue = guilt, pink = embarrassment).

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Important Topics

Are you a kid with a mom or dad who drinks too much? Here are some resources created to help kids just like you.

A Letter for You

12 Steps for Kids

The 7Cs


Hope and Healing for Children of Addiction

Addiction: Q&A

Alcoholism is a disease. People who have the disease have lost control over their drinking and are not able to stop without help. They also lose control over how they act when they are drunk.​

We continue with recovery as we move from the process of breaking our denial and grieving our pain.