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Our affiliates are our eyes, ears and hearts, reaching out to give hope to children around the country and across the globe. Our affiliates are a diverse group of professionals and volunteers committed to the goal of bringing healing to children and families with addiction. We are proud to partner with them in our quest to achieve our vision of leaving no child unsupported as they struggle to cope with family addiction. NACoA is proud of its network of non-profit organizations, working together to improve the lives of children touched by alcoholism and drug abuse throughout the United States. NACoA has expanded its efforts internationally, with affiliates now in Great Britain, Germany, Poland, New Zealand and Brazil.

Addiction Services Council

Addiction Services Council, formally known as the Alcoholism Council of the Cincinnati Area, NCADD, provides a broad range of ATOD education and community services. Service to families through the reduction of problems related to alcoholism and other drug dependency is a strong part of the Council's mission. Service activity focuses on prevention, community, and professional education.
Cincinnati, OH


Ashley Addiction Treatment (formerly Father Martin's Ashley) is a nationally recognized non-profit leader in the integrated, evidence-based treatment of substance use disorders. Our driving principle – everything for recovery because recovery is everything – reinforces our timeless mission to treat each person with dignity and respect. At Ashley, we understand that addiction isn’t a choice, it’s a disease. Choosing treatment means choosing life. So we use every tool available to help patients overcome alcohol and drug dependency and find their way back to health and happiness. Our tranquil campus nestled on the Chesapeake Bay offers natural inspiration. And our expert staff implements personalized programs that combine clinical, medical and psychological care to address each patient’s unique needs holistically. 

Association of Persons Affected by Addiction

Association of Persons Affected by Addiction (APAA) is a non-profit organization with the purpose of providing recovery support services for individuals in or seeking recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. APAA is a peer-driven and peer-led recovery community support program that offers peer-to-peer recovery management and promotes volunteerism within the recovery community. APAA is a leading Recovery Community Support Organization that encourages and supports personal recovery by offering non-clinical peer to peer assistance that helps support recovery, reduce relapse, and promote high-level wellness in individuals, families and the community. APAA holds the only CAPRSS - National Accreditation for Peer Recovery Support Services in Texas, and one in 5 in the US. APAA also works with individuals and family members with co-occurring mental health challenges.
Dallas, TX

Bay Area Substance Education Services

BASES is dedicated to providing a drug free environment for young people, their families and adults. We provide substance abuse prevention, education, early intervention and treatment services. We have expertise in working with high risk youth and low-income individuals and families.

Betty Ford Center Children's Program - California

Betty Ford Center Children’s Program offers education, support, and hope to 7-12-year-olds impacted by a loved one’s addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs. Through age-appropriate games, stories, art, and play, children learn about addiction, especially that it’s not their fault, deepen communication skills, develop a variety of positive coping skills, and celebrate their intrinsic worth. No child is ever turned away due to an inability to pay. The California based Betty Ford Center Children’s Program is located on the campus of the Betty Ford Center and offers the program to children of clients in treatment and for children from the community.
Rancho Mirage, CA

Betty Ford Center Children’s Program – Texas

The Betty Ford Five Star Kids Program offers a three day psycho-educational program for kids ages 7-12 who know or love someone with a problem with alcohol and\or drugs. Through art, games, and role plays, the kids learn that the addiction in their family is not their fault, they are not alone, and it is just their job to be a kid. No family is ever turned away due to inability to pay.
Irving, TX

Brighton Center for Recovery

Brighton Center for Recovery provides a children’s program based on the Betty Ford Children’s Program model. Founded in 1948 and incorporated in 1950, Brighton Center for Recovery was one of America’s first addiction treatment hospitals. Brighton’s founder, Harry Henderson, had much help and involvement in the establishment of the center from Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Treatment is based on the belief that alcoholism is a physical, mental, and spiritual disease that can be treated with medical intervention, counseling and a strong spiritual life supported by 12-step programs. Brighton continues its legacy of help, hope and healing for individuals, families, and children through a variety of services including inpatient, outpatient, dual diagnosis, detox, and educational services. As part of its children's program, it offers a 3-day Children’s Addiction Prevention Program, for children 7 to 12 years of age.
Brighton, MI

Caron Treatment Centers

With 60 years in the field, Caron Treatment Centers operates lifesaving addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment. Caron is dedicated to delivering evidence-based, gender-specific treatment and has the most extensive continuum of care including teens, young adults, adults and older adults. Caron’s treatment is customized to meet the needs of individuals and families.  Our full-time, on-site psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians are licensed in a variety of therapeutic techniques to expertly address co-occurring disorders. Caron’s  approach to treatment and ongoing recovery care support for patients and their families  incorporates cutting-edge technology, online peer groups, and an innovative and interactive recovery care support platform.  
Wernersville, PA

Children of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (COASA)

A program of RFK Children’s Action Corps, Children of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (COASA) supports children of alcoholism and substance abuse by advocating for them in community forums and developing appropriate supportive educational groups for them throughout Boston. COASA facilitates school and community-based prevention/intervention services, adapting them to the particular needs of the children served.  The program offers resources to the children regardless of whether the parents are in treatment, including: individual, family and group counseling; support groups; and advocacy in the community. Boston, MA
Boston, MA

Community Healing Centers

Community Healing Centers (CHC) is a community based organization that provides integrated treatment and support services, including children and family support, mental health counseling, addiction treatment and recovery, education and prevention. Committed to serving children and families, Community Healing Centers has seven sites throughout Southwest Michigan, offering "hope, health, and healing" through a range of professional counseling and support services. Programs are available in their offices, in homes, schools, churches, after-school programs, juvenile court, and a variety of community locations, reaching individuals where they are most comfortable.
Kalamazoo, MI

Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.

With its 41 year history, The Council of Southeast PA, Inc. has a focus on how families are impacted by addiction. We are always looking for ways to strengthen our knowledge and state of the art information to be helpful to both children and members of the entire family. We believe that affiliating with NACOA will allow us to strengthen both our knowledge and skills to more effectively provide support and services to the families we serve.
Doylestown, PA

Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans

Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans (CADA) is a non-profit community prevention agency established in 1960. CADA’s mission is to prevent the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances in order to promote and support healthy individuals, families, and safe communities. CADA’s mission is achieved through education, collaboration, advocacy, intervention, referral and information services.
New Orleans, LA

Council on Recovery

With 70 years of experience, The Council on Recovery provides the full spectrum of prevention, education, intervention and treatment services. The Council on Recovery is committed to providing the highest quality of care at affordable rates for individuals and their loved ones. The nonprofit agency is affiliated with United Way, and receives funding from private contributions, special events and program fees on a sliding-scale basis according to client need.
Houston, TX

Delaware Association for Children of Alcoholics

The Delaware Association for Children of Alcoholics (DACOA) was established as a nonprofit corporation in 1987 and is the leading voice advocating at the state and local level for children of alcoholics. The association is dedicated to assisting children of alcoholics by promoting public awareness and understanding of their special needs and problems. DACOA provides seminars and free literature and makes treatment referrals throughout the state of Delaware.
Hockessin, DE


With 60 years in the field, Caron Treatment Centers operates lifesaving addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment. Caron is dedicated to delivering evidence-based, gender-specific treatment and has the most extensive continuum of care including teens, young adults, adults and older adults. Caron’s treatment is customized to meet the needs of individuals and families.  Our full-time, on-site psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians are licensed in a variety of therapeutic techniques to expertly address co-occurring disorders. Caron’s  approach to treatment and ongoing recovery care support for patients and their families  incorporates cutting-edge technology, online peer groups, and an innovative and interactive recovery care support platform.  
Rochester, NY

Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol & Substance Abuse has provided a wide range of information, education, advocacy, and training services to the people of the Buffalo area since 1948. The Council's efforts to increase public awareness on issues related to substance abuse, to advocate for appropriate treatment, and to help break the intergenerational cycle of alcohol and other drug addiction.
Buffalo, NY

Familial Trust

Familial Trust is the only organization of its type in New Zealand. Its mission is “Empowering family/whanau to understand the impact of addiction and make lasting changes for the future.” with a vision of providing Hope, well-being and understanding to families affected by addiction it works toward these purposes through the provision of services such as counseling, group therapy, children and youth programs, intensive outpatient programs, and interventions, among others.
Christchurch, New Zealand

Glad House, Inc.

GLAD House, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH, provides mental health and prevention services for children who have lived in environments impacted by addiction. It works with the whole family to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction and to re-establish healthy and stable family units through positive intervention and education.
Cincinnati, OH

Partners Aligned Toward Health

Partners Aligned Toward Health is a collaborative effort that involves, educates and unites the community for the design and implementation of strategies that will improve the health of children now and in the future. It is a community-based, community-led, volunteer coalition with the vision of every child in the Toe River Area achieving the best possible health. In addressing the mental health of children, a community-identified priority, it provides NACoA-designed training to the community and to school counselors, nurses, resource officers and others from the county schools to better identify and support children impacted by family alcohol and drug use and addiction.
Burnsville, NC

Hanley Center at Origins

The treatment philosophy of Origins Recovery Centers represents a rare fusion of contemporary addiction medicine and clinical sciences with a profound immersion in the timeless 12-Steps experience. With a combined total of over 35 years of addiction and recovery experience, Origins’ drug and alcohol treatment programs have focused on the holistic recovery of individuals and their families.
West Palm Beach, FL

Horses Healing Hearts, Inc.

The mission of Horses Healing Hearts (HHH) is to help children raised with addiction in their home by working with horses. Through horse care and riding, children ages 6-18 are empowered, learn life coping skills, and they build confidence. During 2-hour sessions, the children learn to groom and tack a horse, followed by a 15 minute riding lesson. While the other child clients are riding, the HHH child educator is facilitating art therapy and smaller sharing groups. This unique program is made strong by the commitment of volunteers, sponsor barns, and magnificence of the horses that help vulnerable kids open their hearts and trust again.
Boynton Beach, FL

Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership

Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 with the mission of helping kids grow up safe, healthy and drug-free. Informed Families focuses on educating, involving and empowering parents to work together to set boundaries and monitor their children's behavior to prevent underage drinking, substance abuse and other harmful behaviors. Affiliated with the National Family Partnership, Informed Families is best known for being the Florida Sponsor of the National Red Ribbon Campaign. Informed Families also boasts multiple school and community based prevention programs targeting youth, parents and communities. Informed Families focuses on four universal campaigns: The Red Ribbon Campaign, Safe Homes/Smart Parties, Family Day and Lock Your Meds. Informed Families also created The Parent Pilot Kit: A Guide for Parents of Pre-Teens & Teens, to help navigate parents through their children’s teenage years.
Miami, FL

Jackson Recovery Centers

Jackson Recovery Centers is a full-service behavioral health company.  Jackson serves adults, adolescents, children and families.  Jackson’s professional staff provides a broad range of specialized care for those with substance use disorders, psychiatric conditions, co-occurring disorders, process addictions as well as behavioral issues.  Jackson also provides primary medical care focusing on prevention and treatment in a recovery supportive manner.  Jackson works to end the stigma of the disease of addiction and educates the communities it serves.
Sioux City, IA

Lines for Life

Lines for Life is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent substance abuse and suicide. For almost 25 years, Lines for Life has been promoting healthy communities through 24-hour crisis lines, prevention programs, and public policy and advocacy. Lines for Life is the Oregon-affiliate of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) and operates several other crisis lines, including: an alcohol and drug abuse counseling and referral line (Alcohol & Drug Helpline 800-923-4357), a peer-to-peer crisis and helpline for teens (Oregon YouthLine 877-968-8491), and a crisis line for military service members, Veterans and their families (Military Helpline 888-457-4383). Lines for Life also offers resources to the community on alcohol and other substance abuse, post- traumatic stress, suicide prevention, military suicide, prescription drug abuse, and youth education on substance abuse and bullying.
Portland, OR

Maplegrove Community Education -- Henry Ford Health System

Maplegrove Community Education, part of Henry Ford Health System’s Maplegrove Center, provides free  educational activities for children in camps, groups and school environments.  We also offer Substance Abuse Education Classes for teens and their parents.  These programs are offered when requested, and are intended to prevent emotional and substance abuse problems in childhood, adolescence and later in life. Maplegrove Community Education also offers free community support and education about addiction for adults in our community.
West Bloomfield, MI

Mental Health Association of Rockland County

Mental Health Association of Rockland helps people living with mental illness and/or addiction to embrace life and redefine themselves.  They also welcome and support families, friends, employers, and colleagues who care about those struggling with these issues. Since opening their doors in 1951, they have touched the lives of more than 50,000 Rockland County residents.
Valley Cottage, NY

Moyer Foundation’s Camp Mariposa® Program

The Moyer Foundation’s Camp Mariposa® Program is a national addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth who have been impacted by the substance use disorder of a family member.  Camp Mariposa was designed in consultation with Claudia Black, an internationally recognized pioneer in the area of addiction and its impact on children. Camp Mariposa is offered free of charge to all families. Children ages 9-12 attend transformational weekend camps multiple times over the course of a year.  Campers participate in fun traditional camp activities combined with education and support exercises. Additional educational and social activities are offered for campers, teens, and their families throughout the year. These activities build knowledge, coping skills, confidence and offer additional opportunities to connect with one another. Led by mental health professionals and trained adult mentors Camp Mariposa provides a safe, fun and supportive environment critical to help break the cycle of addiction. Camp Mariposa currently offers 72 free camp sessions a year at 12 locations around the country including Los Angeles and San Diego, CA; Washington, DC; Sarasota and St. Petersburg, FL; South Bend, IN; Eastern Kentucky; New Orleans, LA; Nashua, NH; Philadelphia, PA; Everett/Seattle, WA and Princeton, WV. 

NACoA - United Kingdom

The National Association for Children of Alcoholics-United Kingdom addresses the plight of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism or similar addictive problems. It offers information, advice, and support directly to COAs through a free confidential Helpline and its web site. It also works to educate professionals who are in contact with COAs, to raise public awareness and promote research into the nature and extent of the problems they face.
Bristol United Kingdom

NACOA Deutschland

NACOA Deutschland - Interessenvertretung fuer Kinderaussuchtfamilien e.V. was founded in 2004 as a non-profit organization under German law. It aims to “improve the situation of children from addicted families, to inform the public about the problems of children from addicted families by means of public relations work and the provision of assistance for these children.” NACOA Deutschland advocates for children and families at the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag). It has translated, printed, and distributed NACoA’s “Kit for Early Childhood Professionals” and the guide for healthcare professionals. It has also translated many other NACoA documents and posted them on its website or printed them as leaflets. NACOA Deutschland has arranged several national conferences on Children of Addicts and hosts the annual nationwide COA Week. Currently an online helpdesk for adolescents from addicted families and a telephone helpline for teachers and child care workers are being established. They are also the recipient of NACoA’s 2014 Meritorious Service Award for outstanding event planning and awareness for Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week.

Deutschland (Germany)


NACoA New Zealand

Advocates as the voice for all New Zealand children impacted by the alcohol and drug use of parents.http://www.nacoanz.org.nz

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - Greater Detroit Area

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - Greater Detroit Area (NCADD/GDA), a long time affiliate of NCADD and the birth place of BABES – one of the earliest and still much-respected prevention programs for young children of alcoholics. NCADD/GDA offers a broad range of prevention, education, and intervention services throughout Southeastern Michigan as it has done for over twenty-five years.
Detroit, MI

Neighborhood Center, Inc

The Neighborhood Center, Inc provides a full range of outreach, preventive, developmental and therapeutic human services for nearly 20,000 people in the local and surrounding communities – a majority are children and their families. Its human service roots date back to 1905 when it began as a settlement house assisting immigrants file citizenship papers. By 1936 the Center provided kindergarten (the first in Utica, NY) and homemaking classes and had a staff of five. In 1945 they adopted their present name, The Neighborhood Center, to reflect their changing community role and were the main provider of child care and other needed services, helping families become stronger and the community flourish. Through its sustained pattern of activities that benefit children, families and the community, today the Neighborhood Center, Inc. continues to advance in its enduring mission of truly "human" service by providing child care and family services, behavioral health care services, and a 24-hour no cost Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT).
Utica, NY

Pitch 4 Kidz

Pitch 4 Kidz strives to impart messages of strength and hope to families facing the disease of addiction and traumatic experiences as outlined in the ACES study. The program is designed to help children understand addiction and family trauma; and realize that these issues are not their fault. The program teaches that treatment and recovery addressing multiple challenges are possible; and that families can heal. The lessons and skills presented are geared toward building resilience, healthy communication, and social competence. By fostering honest communication shameful feelings are reduced and children are empowered.
Phoenix, AZ

Recovery Resources

Recovery Resources is a large prevention, intervention and treatment service and education agency serving residents of Northeast Ohio and their families. Included in the many services provided by Recovery Resources are outpatient treatment for substance abuse, targeted treatment programs for older adults, women, children, homeless men and women, ambulatory (home-based) detox, and HIV/AIDS. The agency is also part of the National Intervention Network, which provides a toll-free number and staff to assist callers concerned about a loved one’s drinking or drug use.
Cleveland, OH


Renascent is a place for family recovery. Since 1970 Renascent has helped thousands of families reclaim their lives from addiction through its 12-step based treatment programs. It welcomes alcoholics, drug addicts, family members, and children as clients in their own right. Renascent treatment centers in the Greater Toronto Area offer short term residential and outpatient treatment and also distance learning recovery programs that connect with clients wherever they live.
Toronto, Ontario

Seabrook House

Seabrook House is an internationally recognized private inpatient drug rehab and alcoholism detox treatment center whose vision is Helping Families Find the Courage to Recover. The main rehab facility is in Bridgeton, NJ and there is an extended-care transitional rehab facility in Tioga County, PA. Seabrook House offers a three day Family Matrix Program for family members age 13 and older that allows families to begin to heal and strengthen familial bonds strained by addiction. It also offers on-going family counseling. In addition, Seabrook House provides a unique children's program for young people ages 7-12 whose lives are affected by addiction.
Bridgeton, NJ

Student Assistance Services Corporation

Student Assistance Services Corporation (SAS) is a  private, non-profit substance abuse and bullying prevention agency. SAS  staff provide direct services to students and families in schools and residential childcare facilities, and training and consultation on bullying prevention and adolescent substance use issues for schools, other professionals, coalitions, community groups, and organizations. SAS' largest program is Project SUCCESS (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students) which is the highly rated NREPP evidence based adaptation of the original Westchester Student Assistance Program. Project SUCCESS provides targeted awareness, education, and counseling for adolescent children of substance abusing parents as part of it's comprehensive school wide prevention programming. Project SUCCESS has been implemented in secondary schools in 30 states and is currently being implemented directly by SAS in  40 secondary schools in Westchester County, NY. 
Tarrytown, NY

Student Assistance Training International

Student Assistance Training International (SATI) was organized in 1986 as Chemical Awareness Training Institute, Inc. to provide education and training in national model programs which are designed to prevent and treat alcohol and other drug abuse problems and dependencies. Today, SATI serves the needs of children of alcoholics through in-depth training to schools and communities in the prevention and intervention of all high risk behavior and by offering state-of-the-art training in national program models. SATI has provided student assistance program and children of alcoholics training to schools in all 50 United States and internationally in 30 countries.
Phoenix, AZ

TASC, Inc.

TASC, Inc. (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities) provides outpatient treatment and behavioral health recovery management services for individuals with substance use and mental health disorders. Working in partnership with Illinois criminal justice and child welfare systems, along with a statewide network of community-based service providers, TASC helps individuals get the services they need to become healthy and self-sufficient. TASC's Center for Health and Justice provides consultation, training, and public policy solutions nationally and internationally to improve community health, reduce drug use, and reduce re-arrest.
Chicago, IL

Troy Community Coalition

Troy Community Coalition for the Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the local community by promoting a lifestyle free from the abuse of drugs and alcohol. With a membership of 120 organizations and individuals, it has been successful in not only becoming a source of information and awareness of ATOD issues in the Troy community, but also a catalyst for policy and social change. The Coalition has developed and printed a community prevention plan which truly acts as a blueprint for Coalition activities and programming.
Troy MI

Turning Point, Inc.

Turning Point, Inc. is a social services organization that provides culturally-specific treatment, counseling and support groups to chemical substance users and abusers, HIV/AIDS/STD Education and Prevention, Education and Employment, Outreach services, Continuum of Care services to substance users and abusers, mothers and children. Known for its holistic approach, Turning Point works to assist their clients in achieving wellness and a self-supportive lifestyle. It has been a part of the African American communities in the Twin Cities for over 30 years. With headquarters in a recently built facility in North Minneapolis, Turning Point is also expanding via a new web site designed to be easier, simpler, and better to reach those most in need.
Minneapolis, MN

Volunteers of America of Alaska, Inc.

Volunteers of America of Alaska, Inc. provides programs that significantly impact the Anchorage community and the state of Alaska, with a goal to solve unmet needs with creativity and sensitivity, serving both those in need and those with a need to serve. It offers support for children whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse in the family through "Kids' Exploration, Intervention, and Support" (KEIS) groups and Camp Hope.
Anchorage, Alaska

Wesley Family Services

Wesley Family Services is a non-profit human services agency in the Pittsburgh area. In July 2017, Wesley Spectrum and Family Services of Western Pennsylvania merged in order to allow us to provide high-quality services across the lifespan of our clients. Our mission is to empower children, adults, and families by providing transformational care. We provide services to help with Child and Adult Behavioral Health, Autism, K-12 Education and School-Based Behavioral Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and Community Empowerment.
New Kensington, PA

White Bison, Inc.

White Bison, Inc., is an American Indian/Alaska Native operated 501(c)3 nonprofit company dedicated to creating and sustaining a grassroots Wellbriety Movement that provides culturally based healing to the next seven generations of Indigenous People. White Bison offers sobriety, recovery, addictions prevention, and wellness/Wellbriety learning resources to the Native American/Alaska Native community nationwide. Wellbriety teaches that we must find sobriety from addictions to alcohol and other drugs and recover from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol on individuals, families and whole communities. The "Well" part of Wellbriety is the inspiration to go on beyond sobriety and recovery, committing to a life of wellness and healing every day.
Colorado Springs, CO