Standards for Formal Affiliation

A NACoA affiliate is a local, regional, state, or national organization whose work and mission is compatible with and strengthened by affiliation with NACoA’s work and mission to eliminate the adverse impact of alcohol and drug use on children and families. Section 400 of NACoA’s Operating Standards and Procedures provides the following organizational standards for affiliation with NACoA: 

Non-Profit and 501(c)(3) Status

Sound Management, Business, and Organizational Practices

A NACoA affiliate is expected to engage in sound management, business, and organizational practices. These include naming a Board of Directors with established job descriptions and defined roles for officers, having regular Board meetings, and having a strong committee structure to support the Board’s work. These practices also include fiscal accountability, a planning process, and implementation of personnel policies consistent with sound professional standards and fair hiring practices. 

Together we do more...

NACoA is a growing organization, committed to representing the voices of children in families affected by addiction. Our message gathers strength and multiplies as affiliates throughout the country reflect it in local and regional programs, public statements, and prevention and treatment activities and materials. When we work together, we reduce the pain and trauma of family alcoholism and other drug addiction in the lives of vulnerable developing children and increase their potential for resiliency and healthy, productive lives. Together, we strengthen the impact of both of our organizations.