Why Nacoa?

1 child in 4 are suffering in silence. They need your help.


percentage of abandoned infants who are drug-exposed


number of babies born to addicted parents every second of every hour of every day


percentage of US adult population that has been exposed to alcoholism


estimated number of millions of children of alcoholics in the US


the annual cost in Billions (US Dollars) of non-fatal maltreatment in the US associated with parental alcohol or other drug addiction

No child of an alcohol or drug dependent parent should grow up locked in fear, silence, or isolation. We need your support to bring hope, help, and healing directly to hurting children. All donations received are used to support NACoA’s mission by funding awareness campaigns, and investing in the development of education materials for professionals and caring adults who want to help but just may not know how.

What Will My Donation Do?

There are many projects and programs that need your support. Here are some examples:


We work to inform the public and individuals who can help break the silence that traps so many children. We spread messages of love and hope, challenge the stigma, and break the rules—“don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel”—that govern a COA’s home.

Your donation will help us ensure children are able to speak up and be heard.

Educate Policy Makers

In order to have the greatest national impact, NACoA is committed to educating decision makers and supporting policy which impacts children every day, both in all levels of government and in the greater society. In doing so, we follow the dictates of our mission: "to eliminate the adverse impact of alcohol and drug use on children and families."

Your donation will help inform better decisions resulting in improved and effective services for hurting children and families.

Advocate for Effective Prevention Services

NACOA develops and distributes the effective tools to help those hurting. Please visit our product page to see the range of resources and curriculum materials we’ve created.

Our website provides a rich collection of resources created for children and families dealing with parental addiction, and the adults who help them.

Advance Professional Knowledge

Since 1983, NACOA has worked with leading professionals to develop a set of core competencies and training tools for fields of work that have access to impacted children.

Your donation will help fund NACOA’s educational programs that train professionals in the tools they need to intervene appropriately and help.

For more information, review NACoA's FAQ page
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