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Help for you

We know you care as much as we do about helping the ones you love. Find the tools and information you need to create a healthier family system.


Our Professional Partners

NACoA works with front line professionals and administrators
to create systemic change such that the needs of the children
of their clients are considered and addressed.

Young male doctor wearing scrubs

Primary Care Providers

Health care professionals see childen of alcohol and drug addicted parents everyday. They have unique relationships with parents and families that put them in a position to do small interventions that can make a big difference.

Male teacher standing in front of chalkboard


Our Core Competencies guide educators in protecting and supporting children of addicted parents. These affected children need to be safe, get needed support and utilize student assistance programs.

Closeup of female judge wearing robe

Justice System Personnel

Family court, dependency court and criminal courts all are challenged on a daily basis with the results of alcohol/drug problems in our society. Since we know that a high percentage of the arrestees, inmates and parents who lose parental rights are addicted to alcohol or other drugs, the justice system has a unique and powerful role to play in addressing the needs of the children involved. NACoA trains professionals and volunteers to provide effective programs for children and families involved in the justice system.

Smiling female teacher with students behind her

Early Childhood Specialists

There is increasing recognition that the early years of a child’s life are a particularly sensitive period in the process of development, laying a foundation in childhood and beyond for cognitive functioning; behavioral, social, and self-regulatory capacities, as well as physical health. Intervening in the formable years can have significant lifelong effect. Early Childhood Specialists incorporate information about the impact of addiction on other members of the family into health and alcohol and drug prevention curricula.

Professional female social worker

Social Workers

Social workers support families during assessment, early treatment and throughout all stages of recovery. They have an opportunity to work with children of clients, support them and give them the necessary skills to change and grow.

Smiling Catholic priest standing in church

Faith Community

Faith leaders, youth ministers, religious educators, outreach coordinators and others who work in the faith community are often the first people turned to by individuals or families for help. NACoA provides training to equip them on the front lines.

Education & Training Center

The goals of our education and training center are to equip professionals to provide support to children and families impacted by a loved one's alcohol or drug addiction and to offer basic education to concerned family and friends.


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percentage of abandoned infants who are drug-exposed


number of babies born to addicted parents every second of every hour of every day


percentage of US adult population that has been exposed to alcoholism


estimated number of millions of children of alcoholics in the US


the annual cost in Billions (US Dollars) of non-fatal maltreatment in the US associated with parental alcohol or other drug addiction

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