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1 in 4 children lives in a family with a parent addicted to drugs or alcohol.

That translates into 18.25 million children who need your help

Our mission is to eliminate the adverse impact of alcohol and drug use on children and families.

Children living with parental addiction are the silent sufferers of the public health emergency.

Let them know you hear them, and you care. During this holiday season, please consider a small donation today.

The most important thing for kids and teens to know is it's not their fault.

Sometimes adults in our lives have challenges that impact us. When that happens, it's important to know that you are not alone and there are resources available.

Recovery teaches Kids to put down the mask

... and talk about how they really feel.

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We are the National Association for Children of Addiction (NACoA) and our mission is to eliminate the adverse impact of alcohol and drug use on children and families. We envision a world in which no child who struggles because of family addiction will be left unsupported.

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We know you care as much as we do about helping the ones you love. Find the tools and information you need to create a healthier family.

Support for Families

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Help us raise awareness around the impact of addiction on the family

Percentage of abandoned infants who are drug-exposed
Number of babies born to addicted parents every second of every hour of every day
Percentage of US adult population that has been exposed to alcoholism
Estimated number of millions of children of alcoholics in the US
Annual cost in billions of non-fatal maltreatment in the US associated with parental alcohol or other drug addiction

News & Announcements


Celebrate a Sober St. Patrick's Day

Patricia O’Gorman, PhD, NACoA Co-Founder, psychologist, author, speaker Are your family, friends, even colleagues making big plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Consider encouraging them to make this St. Patrick’s Day a sober one—for their sake, and for the sake of their kids.


Hope and Healing for Children of Addiction

Mary Beth Collins, NACoA Director of Programs COA Awareness Week is a national – and international – awareness campaign to break the painful silence and offer hope to vulnerable children impacted by parental addiction. We collectively provide tools to help communities educate professionals and parents to the issues at hand, and how to help these kids and […]


It’s Over: The Relief of January for Children of Addiction

James F. Crowley, M.A., Founder of Community Intervention

Training & Programs

Our training and program resources equip professionals and individuals with tools and knowledge to help provide support to children and families impacted by a loved one’s alcohol or drug addiction.


The library of webinars provides an archive of critical topics on addiction, its impact on the family, children and the community. The speakers are all well-known and knowledgeable subject-matter authorities, providing key insights and information for the listener. The webinars range from 1 ½ to 2 hours in length.

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NACoA’s online learning opportunities are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of faith leaders, behavioral health professionals and any person interested in helping children, families and communities impacted by parental alcohol and drug addiction. Each course provides strategies, tools and resources that can be utilized in working with children and families.


Children’s Kit

This NACoA-developed kit provides all the tools needed to implement educational support groups for children of clients in treatment for addiction, for educational support groups and other educational prevention activities in schools, and for support groups and educational programs in youth-serving community based and faith-based organizations. For information about the kits, contact us at

Celebrating Families!

The Celebrating Families! ™ curriculum is an evidence-based cognitive behavioral support group model written for families in which one or both parents have a serious problem with alcohol or other drugs and in which there is a high risk for domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect.

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Our Affiliates

A diverse group of professionals and volunteers committed to bringing healing to children and families with addiction, our affiliates are NACoA’s eyes, ears and heart. Click below to learn more about our affiliates, including how you too can bring hope to children around the country and globe.

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