NACoA’s professional training resources are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of faith leaders, behavioral health professionals, and any person interested in helping children, families, and communities impacted by parental alcohol and drug addiction.

NACoA offerings include online courses, webinars, on-site training, and certifications that have been created for educators, faith and lay leaders, community leaders, and behavioral health workers. The courses are based on the work and research of noted experts in the field and provide strategies, tools, and resources that can be utilized when working with children and families.

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Important Topics

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A Brain Disease: Treatment Modalities and Supports

Understanding Recovery in the Faith Community

Recovery Month: A Year-Long Resource for Faith Communities

Resilience in Recovery: Bouncing Back from Family Trauma

Preventing Substance Abuse: The Role of an Empowered Community

Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorders and Their Families and Caring Congregations

The Resilient Woman Challenged

Life in Recovery

Establishing an Effective Congregational Response: Faith Partners in Action

In Congregation: Children and Families First

Addiction and the Family: A Multi-Dimensional Seminary Curriculum

Training Opportunities

NACoA offers a variety of educational and training options. For more information about these or other on-site trainings, contact NACoA.

Nacoa Faith Seminars

Faith Seminars

Equipping clergy, faith leaders, pastoral counselors, and others working in congregational settings to understand addiction, its impact of children and families, its negative influence on spirituality for the whole family and effective strategies to help prevent it, to confront it in a way those impacted can be helped, and the educational tools that will support their efforts. LEARN MORE

Nacoa Faith Seminars

Group Facilitator Trainings

Created specifically for educational support groups using the NACoA-developed Children’s Program Kit in educational settings, faith community and youth organizations, and in treatment settings. For information about the kits, contact us at nacoa@nacoa.org

Nacoa Faith Seminars

Celebrating Families!

2 ½ Day trainings to equip group leader implementation teams on evidenced-based curriculum and support, whole family, recovery program. LEARN MORE

Nacoa Faith Seminars

Motivational Presentations

Individual, inspiring presenters who are experts in addiction, family impact, young and adolescent children of addicted parents, and experienced in addressing their critical issues.

Nacoa Faith Seminars

Keynote Presentations

Presentations on addiction, family education, child advocacy, education, child abuse, community coalition, and drug court and dependency court conferences, as well as expert consultants.