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Programs to Lift You Up

NACoA gives those who touch children’s lives daily the training and tools needed to help them see the pain and confusion of struggling children and respond appropriately both systemically in their professions and personally with understanding hearts. In a word, our programs give a voice to impacted children who suffer in silence each day.

Below, please find an overview of some of our most impactful programs. NACoA is available to provide program consultation and training upon request.

The Children’s Program Kit provides over 100 skill-based and developmentally appropriate lesson plans and everything needed to offer a strong and effective program of support to school age children of addicted parents. They learn they are not alone, they didn’t cause it, they can’t cure it, but they can learn to cope with it. Improved affective and behavioral changes are noticeable as children complete programs using this comprehensive program kit.

For information, or to order the kit, email us at

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