Social Workers

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All drug courts should be dealing with the whole family.Shannon M. Carey, Ph.D., Family Drug Court: Best Practices

The influence and presence of the social work profession is vast and diverse. Social workers address the needs of children and families in every walk of life, and in every arena of functioning. Family agencies, schools, health care systems, addiction treatment centers and employee assistance programs are but a few of the settings where social workers bring their skills and humanity to tackle the pressing issues in the lives of individuals, groups, and communities. Thus, the majority of social workers are in a unique practice position, rife with opportunities, to identify and assist children of alcoholics and drug dependent persons.

Indeed, COAs are often a hidden population, isolated and unidentified right before our eyes. Social workers bring a wealth of talent and commitment to the process of offering hope to the families affected by alcoholism or substance use disorders.

Online Courses and Credits

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