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Whether you are a professional who provides services to families, a teacher concerned about a student, a neighbor wondering how to make a difference in the lives of the kids living across the street, or a coach looking for information to help one of your players, we’re here to help. Are you the non-using parent concerned about your family, or a grandparent who lives hours away yet worried every day about your grandchildren? Maybe you are an older sibling off to college but nervous about what is happening at home. NACoA offers resources for anyone interested in providing support to children living with parental alcoholism/addiction, and their parents.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

The pain from childhood does not have to live on in adulthood. With the right resources and support, it can get better.

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Just 4 Kids

Growing up today can be a challenge.

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Just 4 Teens

NACoA’s eyes, ears and heart, bringing hope and healing to children throughout the world.

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Concerned Parents

With help, kids and teens can go from children at risk to children of promise.

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Family & Friends

It only takes one caring and understanding adult to change the life of a child.

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Families in Recovery

​Abstinence is only the beginning of a family’s recovery. True recovery takes time, effort, and change. It isn’t easy, but with the right resources it’s possible.

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Get Involved with NACoA

Together we can raise awareness and bring hope to children and families impacted by addiction.

Take Action for Your Family

We know you care as much as we do about helping the ones you love.