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Educators and Student Assistance

coa doing schoolwork in educational environment


Every member of the learning community is a teacher. They teach by example and they are in a unique position to teach children about healthy relationships by providing the help specific to their role. They are often entrusted with a child’s worries and concerns about their lives outside the school setting. Every member of the school community, at some time, will be called upon to help a child who is experiencing difficulties. Many of these children come to school every day from homes impacted by alcohol or other drug problems. It is the educators who are there every day for children and they are often the ones who come to the aid of children in their care. The following groups of educators have unique opportunities to form relationships with children who need someone to listen and someone to trust.

Online Courses and Credits

NACoA is pleased to offer several options for professionals to complete desired and necessary training and accreditation online. Here are some of the more popular courses for Educators, and you can click the See More link below to search, sort and view all available courses.