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Faith Community

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Clergy and Other
Pastoral Ministers

Alcohol and drug problems interfere with the capacity of individuals struggling with addiction and their family members to develop and sustain a meaningful spiritual life. Clergy and other pastoral ministers have a wide array of opportunities to address these problems and lead hurting families to recovery support and healing.

Therefore, NACoA established a broad ranging Faith Initiative, which includes The Clergy Education and Training Project® (CETP). Core Competencies, curriculum development, development of free materials for distribution through congregations for educational efforts, and partnerships with federal agencies, leading pastoral counseling organizations and seminary training programs are all part of this effort.

Online Courses and Credits

NACoA is pleased to offer several options for professionals to complete desired and necessary training and accreditation online. Here are some of the more popular courses for Faith Community, and you can click the See More link below to search, sort and view all available courses.