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COA Awareness Week

February 14 - 20, 2021

Join the national – and international – awareness campaign to break the painful silence and offer hope to the vulnerable kids and teens impacted by parental addiction.  With addiction now a national health epidemic – not resting during the rage of an international pandemic – and communities across the country struggling with isolation, challenges to virtual program implementation, and ever-increasing drug overdoses, the impact on children today is staggering. Child welfare programs continue to be overwhelmed because of addiction, troubled by interruption of plans for reunification for many families because of current programming challenges. While some children can find a supportive adult who helps protect them from the worst, others may be alone and unaware that healing is possible.  With many communities still providing school online, and most afterschool activites have been cancelled or also now offered virtually, kids and teens feel more alone than ever at a time they need – AND DESERVE – support more than ever.

As rates monitoring addiction continue to rise, we cannot afford to forget the countless children – those who are often the first hurt by this devastating disease.  Caring adults must stand up for these children to bring them hope, support, and ultimately healing. Join us to help make a difference that can last a lifetime.

COA Awareness Week breaks the silence that engulfs and traps kids and teens living with parental addiction and offers the chance for children at risk to become children of promise.

Important events taking place during COA Awareness Week:

PTACC Conversation With The Field: Standing Up For The Children 

2/17 1 pm, ET Register here >>     

Children at the Center of Addiction, A Voice for the Voiceless

2/18, 1 pm ET Register here >>

Important resources:

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