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Celebrating Families

Celebrating Families!™ helps the whole family recover from the disease of addiction and have an opportunity to live a safe, healthy and happy life. Its focus is preventing children’s future addiction, as well as improving their mental and physical health. An evidence-based program, CF! has been shown by outside evaluators to strengthen recovery, improve family re-unification and increase healthy living skills for families impacted by substance use disorders. Listed on SAMHSA’s National Registry of Effective Programs and Practices, CF! is one of the few programs that engage all family members (from birth through adults) addressing addiction, recovery and living skills in every session.

The program was created in 2002 for the Family Treatment Drug Court in Santa Clara, CA, at the request of Supervising Judge P. Leonard Edwards (ret.). Subsequently, a strong relationship with a variety of drug courts has developed because of the program's positive outcome.

Through ¡Celebrando Familias!, for Hispanic families, and the Wellbriety/Celebrating Families! partnership, for Native American families, the CF! program introduces and practices healthy family skills with cultural sensitivities The CF! curriculum consists of 16 sessions, laid out in a five volume set with fully scripted lessons for each age-group, with background information on risk and protective factors, learning disabilities, domestic violence and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

Celebrating Families!™ impacts families in four ways: (1) It increases protective factors and decreases risk factors; (2) It gives addicted parents needed skills to stay sober, to begin to heal, and to build healthy, non-violent relationships with their children; (3) It decreases risks of child abuse and of children repeating the family cycles of addiction and related violent lifestyles of their parents; (4) It increases awareness of the correlation between abuse and addiction. Long term program outcomes are to: 1. Increase long-term mental, physical, and spiritual health of youth and families; 2. Increase parental rates of recovery; 3. Decrease rates of future addiction and related life problems of the children; 4. Successfully reunify families, when appropriate.

Visit the Celebrating Families!™ website to find out more about this whole-family recovery program.NACoA is available to provide consultation and training.